About EEDay

EcoFest Encinitas 
(aka Encinitas Environment Day)

EcoFest Encinitas – A community celebration filled with music, art, entertainment and delicious food – Inspiring and educational for all ages.  Get up to date on healthy living and how to save money through conservation and sustainability.  Discover the best products and services in your community.  Talk with community leaders. Make new friends.  Be an Eco Steward.
Vision  – Educate and inspire the community to adopt a sustainable life style.
Mission  – Develop and present one or more educational events each year. Collaborate with non-profit, civic and government environmentally oriented organizations throughout the year.
Endorsement  – EcoFest is sponsored or endorsed by; City of Encinitas(Mizel), San Diego County, Hazon, Metropolitan Water District, DUDEK, EDCO, SDG&E, VIASAT and the E3 Cluster. . .

About the EcoFest Encinitas  • Approx. 3000 attendees. Approx. 130 exhibitors/vendors – local businesses, government agencies and civic orgKidsArtProjectanizations. Many activities, including children’s activities – paper-making, recycled art, pedal-powered smoothie-maker, scavenger hunt, Nature walks.

For many years EEDay was held in early June at Cottonwood Creek Park is an ourstanding example of the benefits of environmental action.  EEDay outgrew Cottonwood Creek and starting in 2015 moved to a larger facility, 'The Ranch' on the Leichtag Foundation (the old Ecke Ranch) property.That year EEDay was also rebranded EcoFest.

Digital media and print coverage including social media, web sites, community calendars and newsletters, newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV. Promotion through postcards, flyers, posters, EEDay website, SD Environmental Leaders calendar/website, Encinitas Environmental Commission (EEC) site, UN World Environment Day website, and various local event calendars.

Encinitas Environment Day Inc
Encinitas Environment Day Inc is a California corporation and was a registered 501.c3 non profit (EIN # 36-4795885) in 2014..  Encinitas Environment Day (EEDay) hosts the annual EcoFest Encinitas and sponsors the year round activities of the EEDay Eco Stewards.

EEDay Board Members – 2015
David Ahlgren, Acting President
Sandy Atkinson, Vice President
Kasia Epstein, Secretary
David Ahlgren, Treasure

EEDay Advisory Board – The EEDay Advisory Board is a group of individuals that are the primary sounding board for new EEDay initiatives.  They also play a role in resolving day to day policy issues.  We thank the Advisory Board for their sage and frank advice. 

EEDay Advisory Board Members
John Gjata, Past President EEDay
Bridget McDonald, Past Director
Eve Simmons, Past Director

EEDay In the Community – EEDay is active in the local community and supports a number of organizations and activities on a year round basis.  EEDay is a member or donates to – Community Resource Center, Carol's House, Solana Center for Environmental Innovation, Surfrider, CoastKeepers and a growing list of others. 

EEDay HistoryEncinitas Environment Day was founded by Bob Nanninga in 2007. He with a team of dedicated people, proposed the idea and did not take No for an answer until EEDay was born. Some notables were John Gjata, Sandy Shapiro and Anne Julian Fagergren with Dody Crawford and DEMA providing support. A favorite gathering place was Bob Nanningathe E Street Cafe where Bob hatched the next great idea and his infectious enthusiasm inspired all comers. The next day Bob would show up with 10 new things accomplished and they all knew that his partner Keith Shillington played a huge behind the scenes role.

Bob was well known in Encinitas for his passionate concern about the environment and his willingness to discuss poetry and politics with all.  Bob was a big fan of native plants especially the native Oaks. Fittingly Encinitas means 'Little Oaks' in Spanish.

Bob died on Valentine's day, true to character, 2/14/2009, but his vision lives on. If you would like to get to know Bob, read some of his writings or read  A tribute to Bob Nanninga  or browse his profile  www.facebook.com/bob.nanninga   and when you see the native Little Oak in our logo, think of him.

Native Oaks • For more information on the native oaks, see www.calflora.org enter Quercus in the plant search box. Look for these, the 3 local native oaks: coast live oak – Quercus agrifolia;  inland scrub oak – Quercus berberidifolia; coastal sage scrub oak – Quercus dumosa

Cottonwood Creek – The Birthplace of Encinitas • Encinitas began on the banks of Cottonwood Creek.The creek ran year-round and trains needed water. A tower was built to supply water for the arriving California Southern Railroad in 1881. Where the train stopped a city evolved. The rest, as they say, is history.  For more about the riparian and wetlands of Encinitas see the 1992 Riparian Parkways Task Force Report prepared by Brad Roth, Marcia Jones, Pete Coulstron, John Stubstad, alan Schmidt and Adrian Fortmann. .

Cottonwood Creek – An official State of California Point of Historical Interest • In May of 2013, Encinitas 101 MainStreet and the Cottonwood Creek Conservancy announced the unveiling of a commemorative plaque at the creek overlook from Coast Highway 101 near the intersection Encinitas Boulevard.  Click here

Cottonwood Creek Park as an Environmental Model • A city in its prime, Encinitas is now a thriving world class tourist destination offering surf and sand, fine dining and a lively mix of cultural diversity. Cottonwood Creek is still a place of beginnings, a place just off the train, and a place to meet family and friends.

It is only fitting that Encinitas Environment Day finds it's home at Cottonwood Creek Park where citizens can celebrate the efforts by the citizen volunteers and the Parks and Recreation cottonwood_creek_Park_signDepartment to preserve and protect this little piece of paradise. Bob Nanninga in collaboration with the Cottonwood Creek Conservancy was instrumental in the process of day-lighting the creek (it was in a concrete pipe)  and restoring native plants through this part of town.

Cottonwood Creek Park is a testament to the City of Encinitas' ongoing commitment to environmental preservation and restoration. The park won an Orchid Award for park design in 2007 and offers a bounty of blue sky beside a restored creek-bed surrounded by native plant species and a water permeable parking lot.

Cottonwood Creek Park is the ideal location to promote Environmental stewardship year round. And when you enjoy the park, please say an extra thank you to the Cottonwood Creek Conservancy.

Cottonwood Creek is where the past fosters the future.

About the United Nations World Environment DayWorld Environment Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. It is celebrated every year on 5th June to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action and is run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

It is hosted by a different city with a different theme. Recent themes include: 2012-Green Economy; 2011-Forests-Nature At Your Service, 2010-'Many Species. One Planet. One Future'; 2009-'Your Planet Needs You – UNite to Combat Climate Change'

Not to be confused with Earth Day held on April 22 celebrated in more than 192 counties to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

About EncinitasLocated along six miles of Pacific coastline in North County San Diego, Encinitas is home to 60,000 people who enjoy a year-round mild climate and beautiful topography, from beaches and cliffs to rolling hills. The communities of Old Encinitas, New Encinitas, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Olivenhain and Leucadia incorporated as the City of Encinitas in 1986; each retains its distinctive personality and charm. Encinitas is Spanish for the "little oaks" native to the area.

This agricultural tradition is reflected in the City's flower-growing fame, particularly poinsettias, and is represented at San Diego Botanic Gardens, an oasis in the heart of the city; the Self Realization Center, whose tranquil garden overlooking Swami's Beach is open to the public; and San Elijo Lagoon, the county's largest coastal wetland. Historic Highway 101 offers eclectic shopping, dining and recreational opportunities.