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EEDay2013 lived up to expectations to be the premier environmental event that excites, entertains, inspires and educates the local community.  More the 60 activities and events were presented at this year’s event in Cottonwood Creek Park, a truly magical place with a rich cultural and environmental history. Attendees enjoyed family activities such as painting, hat and paper making  and learned about renewable energy and the benefits of Green home living.  For those interested in ‘Environmental Action’, EEDay offered a chance to speak with a range of non-profit organization as well as governmental offices. Take a moment to say thank you to the founders and countless volunteers that made EEDay possible.  If you have a comment or suggest regarding EEDay, please contact the EEDay2013 committee.

Exhibitor Comments

Hi EEDay2013 – First, thank you for the day!  Stardust and Art Miles had a fantastic day and turnout.  I had 420 kids in the Madd Hatter booth that was filled with happy kids and content parents. The event was wonderful and "thank you" for the great organization of volunteers", it was very appreciated! The mural is coming along very nicely and  although not completed entirely, it is an idea of what is to come! See the event photos,-  Cheryl Ehlers | Founder & Art Director, The Stardust Arts,

Hello EEDay –  The success of EED was a subject at this morning's staff meeting.  Congratulations!  And thank you.  Everyone at SELC was pleased about our participation because there were so many attendees.  Thanks also for our great booth spot.  We're extremely grateful. Again, congratulations on a job well done! – Elaine Dodge, Development  Director, San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy, Director of Campaign for Gateway Park.