Green Resources

Green Resources

10 Common Sense Reasons to Go Green

Increase our home values Live considerately and sustainably
Eat healthy and enjoy healthy living Improve health by biking and walking
Increase personal comfort with a cool/warm home Conserve energy and water while saving money
Reduce water and air pollution Create local jobs in renewable energy
Stop buying oil from our detractors Lower home operating & transport costs

Green Homes are Worth 9% More – Read the national study

Why Green is Smarter – Read one persons opinion

Ocean Science TV – Watch at any time

Volunteers – A Different Breed

Encinitas Environment Day
Encinitas Environment Day is the premier event that offers a place to gather and celebrate the annual United Nations World Environment Day with friends and the community.  Each year It is an all-day hands on learning experience enjoyed by thousands of people who are inspired to renew the community's environmental aspirations. An opportunity limited only by imagination.

We need your ideas and commentsStop a moment and imagine what's possible……Then post your ideas and comments on our   EEDay Facebook page, While you are there 'Like' the page and invite your friends to Join the EEDay Event

Encinitas Green Spring Events

The annual 'Encinitas Green Spring' celebrations present a wide range of environmental and sustainable events. To make sure you stay in touch 'Like' our  Green Spring facebook page. Chose your favorite event from our list of Green Spring Activities 20142013, 2012, and keep up with the local news from Patch 2013, 2012. Contact us with your green activities

City of Encinitas – Extreme Greenness
Encinitas has a huge commitment to  environmental stewardship and an ambitious Environmental Action Plan.

Want to stay in touch with Encinitas greenness?  Check the Encinitas Environment  web page and the individual departments at the bottom of the page.  Better yet join the Encinitas Now (and other epubs) mailing lists.

More topics: Air Quality, Clean Water, Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, Green Building, Transportation & Mobility, Trash & Recycling, Water Conservation, Land Use.

Encinitas Environmental Commission – Dedicated Volunteers
Learn about our Environment Commission and their Annual Work Plan. More coming soon . . .

Building Department – Rebates and Incentives
Do you know about the reduced fees and the $2,000 rebate offered by the Green Building Incentive Program?

Other City Links & Resources
San Dieguito Water District , Parks and Recreation – Parks Make Life Better, Encinitas Clean Water Program,

PACE NOW – Low cost, long term funding for green building and remodeling.

School Recycling and Environmental Programs
Encinitas Union School District – Green & Sustainable Projects 2013
Encinitas Union School District –  Healthy Day Partners/Green Team  (Elementary school recycling, art and gardening programs)
Solana Center for Environmental Innovation –  Greening our Community


Farmers Markets
Leucadia Farmers Market  Sun 10:00 – 2:00 Paul Ecke School
Encintas Farmers Market Wed 4:00 – 7:00 PM,  Vulcan & E Street