EcoRaffle & Rewards

$5,000 EcoRaffle and Rewards

  Please click here to Redeem Your Reward Ticket


Do you want to reward your Volunteers?   Here Are 'How To' Details

Your $5 Eco Volunteer reward card can be redeemed for 3 Free Raffle tickets.  Click on this link. This will take you to the Eventbrite site.  In the box where is says 'No Tickets Available', click on the link that says 'Enter Promotional Code' .  Enter the Code on the card, click Apply, click Register. You will be asked for your contact information and a description of your Eco-Good-Deed.  After you complete the registeration, Print your ticket and bring it to EcoFest on May 17, 2015

See below for details 

Help a Humanitarian Cause – Buy Raffle Tickets Today 

The proceeds of the Eco-Raffle are donated to a humanitarian cause.  Do a good deed.  Buy raffle tickets today. . Raffle tickets may be purchased online, at various outlets or at the festival.  Standard Raffle Ticket Pricing is:  3 for $5; 7 for $10; and 15 for $20. .

Annual EcoRaffle Offers $5,000 in Prizes and Eco-Volunteer Rewards 

A highlight of EcoFest ’15 (aka Encinitas Environment Day) on May 17, 2015 is the EcoRaffle. The EcoRaffle is made possible by the exhibitors and community businesses that donate the $5,000 in prizes.  Please thank them..

Reward Your Volunteers – Give them a $5 Reward Card for their work on eco projects such as beach cleanup, lagoon reā€habitation, etc.   These $5 Reward Cards are free to our community partners to use as they choose.

How it Works
1.    EcoVolunteers are given a $5 reward card at your event after they complete their assignment.
2.    They register the reward card on the website. 
3.    On the day of the event, the volunteers check in to receive their 3 free raffle tickets and have a chance to win one or more of 50 fantastic prizes. They may even win the grand prize which is usually a bicycle!
Support a Humanitarian Cause – Additional raffle tickets are for sale and the proceeds will benefit a local humanitarian organization. Raffle tickets may be purchased online, at various locations or at the festival. Raffle ticket pricing is: 3 for $5; 7 for $10; and 15 for $20.